ParkPixel Features

Own All Your Domain Again!

ParkPixel is a professional domain names parking script, it catch all your domain names and display them in elegant design view!

Now no need to park any of your domain names with any other company, or keep them unused, whatever you have, one or thousands, let the world visit them and this is the time to earn easy money from your website.

Yes, with ParkPixel you’ll own all your domain names again, Park them, Control them & Earn Money from them!

Auto Catch All Parking Domains

ParkPixel script main mission is catch and display all your parked domain names without edit any HTML files.

How it works?

You have for example, and, you just need to park them to one website, so when any one visit any domain of that domains ParkPixel will display the page with target visiting domain information.

ParkPixel Overview

Easy to install

ParkPixel is very easy to use, no database or spacial requirements, download it, edit one file, upload it to your website & done.


Easy to customize

With the Web 2.0 style and template system, you can change the colors, edit the current design or you can add new one, just in few minutes you have your very unique style.

Support all browsers

We have tested ParkPixel in all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

Low Price!

Yes ParkPixel is low price scripts! but it’s high value product & it worth what you buy for!

Fully Responsive

Whatever your website visitors using, Tablet, Smart mobiles. ParkPixel fit & wonderfully responsive to all of them.


Global internet needs global script support multi-Language, English, Arabic (RTL Support), Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or you can easy translate it to yours from one file.

Easy for newbies

Hard coding scripts, designed & tested to work with all website’s owners, No need for spacial programing or designing scales.

Instant Download

After purchasing your copy, you’ll receive confirmation email, and you can download the script files directly.

Clients Area

Our clients area have what you need, download and update section, upgrade options, billing system, invoice history, support ticket system and affiliates program.

Gorgeous Design

Elegant, Simple, Colored, Zero images & Web 2.0 Flat design, this words can describe what ParkPixel looks like.


ParkPixel is a seo-friendly script that allows to achieve top ranks in SERPs easily, SEO friendly URLs, Custom meta for pages, Clean & fast HTML layout structure, Custom page titles.

Money Machine!

ParkPixel is low-cost investment, publish your site, sell your unused domain names, put your ad codes, receive easy money.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our product, that we back it with a 30 day money back guarantee – try ParkPixel risk free.

Gorgeous Design!

We know it should be elegant & concise! So we keep it simple layout & powerful by Web 2.0, Gorgeous design, Vivid colors, Zero images & Easy to edit.

Fully Responsive Layouts

Fully optimized for all possible layout options and all mobile, tablet devices screen resolutions!

Web Design Structure Overview

Each section in this web design structure you can edit it from the simple settings file:

  1. Header: Domain Name or your own title & small social media icons linked to your social accounts.
  2. Left/Right Ads Boxes: To display Ads or any other contents.
  3. Middle Box: Auto display the target domain name + it’s characters counts with link to buy it page.
  4. Bottom Ads Box: 728 pixel width by 90 pixel height box perfect for wide Ads.
  5. Footer: Display your social media accounts & your copy right notice.

Gorgeous Secure Contact Form Page

Your website visitors/buyers can used it to contact you when they interested about the target Domain Name, with all this features:
  1. Secured by nice looking CAPTCHA to keep any spammer away from your email!
  2. Web 2.0 flat looking & icons design.
  3. Required fields: Name, E-Mail, Message Contents & CAPTCHA field.
  4. Error Notice: when any required fields or not correct e-mail added.
  5. The form send you message included the domain name.
  6. The sender will receive auto responding message. (you can edit it from the Language File)
  7. You can check it by click here…

System Requirements

  1. Website and one domain name at least
  2. Apache Server
  3. PHP 5.4 (Latest 5.4.x Release or Later)

More Quastions?

You have more questions need answers? Check our FAQ page…

Not Sure!

Not sure, or you have to ask more? Please contact us, we’ll be happy to answer.